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AMBER MALAKI CHOPARD – أمبر ملكي شوبارد

Amber Malaki, the latest addition to the Malaki Collection. A warm, enigmatic new fragrance, inspired by the opulent luxury of Chopard jewelery. Sophisticated and compelling, this precious elixir evokes a mysterious sensuality that radiates with the golden energy of the sun.Like a precious stone, amber has captivated humans for centuries with its mesmerizing beauty. In perfumery, its aromatic character evokes the heady exoticism of the Middle East. Golden amber is the seductive heart of this latest fragrance, its complex facets revealed by the smoky elegance of papyrus wood, the rich, spicy notes of incense and the voluptuousness of orange blossom. Velvety soft vanilla bourbon and cistus round out the scent, offering an addictive, textured and sophisticated signature.

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Amber Malaki by Chopard is a Amber fragrance for women and men. Amber Malaki was launched in 2015. Chopard perfume, royal amber, oriental fragrance from Chopard for men and women.

Amber Malaki is a mysterious and warm men’s oriental amber perfume, released in 2015. Bright, saturated with energy and mysticism, flowing into each other aromatic accents, are combined into a luxurious perfume, giving a truly magical sensual experience. The fragrance is dedicated to amber. Like a gem, amber, with its bewitching beauty, has captivated people for centuries. In perfumery, its aroma is associated with the heady exotic of the Middle East.

About the fragrance: One of the most beautiful oriental perfumes because it celebrates the finest aromatic ingredients from the East Characterized by a mysterious card that is distinctive and exciting. Fragrance consists in all its layers of A mixture of amber, papyrus, incense, orange blossom, vanilla, labdanum, vanilla.

Seductive golden amber sounds in the heart of the composition, demonstrating all the beauty, iridescence and complexity of the shades of its sound framed by the smoky elegance of papyrus wood, rich in smoky-aromatic notes of incense and voluptuous breath of orange. The velvety, sweet smell of vanilla bourbon and smoky spicy accents of the cistus complete the perfume, leaving a long-lasting aromatic plume rich in sound and texture.

TOP: Incense, orange blossom.
HEART: Golden aber, papyrus wood.
BASE: Cistus, vanilla bourbon.


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